Top facts about FetLife – Adult dating app analytics 

Frequently asked questions about FetLife and why to use it over others. Best pros and worst cons of Fetlife app for kinky singles and couples seeking hookups 

Among the escort listings and adult dating sites, FetLife is indeed special. Finally, it’s a social network for merry and amiable pervs who enjoy getting connected worldwide. 

The main requirement for joining and participating is having a particular kink or fetish. Then one can become a member of like-minded communities and meet naughty matches easier. 

FetLife app

Phone applications are the quickest way to do things online, including chatting and arranging hookups. It’s exactly what FetLife app users do, without any inconveniences or hesitation. 

It combines the features of a social network and an anonymous sex app, and has all the tools for these purposes. As subscribers report, all suggested options work well and seem efficient. 

Fetlife app online
Fetlife Rewievs
  • Fetishes. This section consists of 60 kinks one can choose from and search within. 
  • Events. To join BDSM parties and festivals nearby, one just needs to join the app. 
  • Discrete Mode. For anonymity, use this one and hide the FetLife logo on the app. 
  • Notifications. These can be turned on and off, for prompt usage or silence. 
  • Group discussion. It’s fun to share opinions and places of interests with the others.

In general, the FetLife app looks exactly like the desktop version. It’s easy to use them in turn and get adapted to the interface or the member base. The functions are similar and results are equally great. 

Is there a FetLife app

Many wonder whether the FetLife app exists since the desktop version is known more. Yes, it is present and can be used but in a somewhat strange form. For this, one needs to download the file. 

From this file, the platform is being installed on a cell phone or a tablet. It normally works without any glitches or bugs, never crashes, and connects like-minded singles quickly. 

“I got used to the FetLife site, explored it for months on my laptop”, Sandra from LA says. “Was very glad to know the phone version is available too. I easily switched to it and enjoyed. 

Dating on fetlife
Looking For A Date

There are group chats for meeting new kinky friends as well. Not just lovers or escorts can be found. Also 60 fetishes list, enough for me to choose from LOL. A really good product”. 

“FetLife app became my number one source of kinky matches”, Roger from Okc says. “Whenever I want, I find a submissive chick or a unicorn, someone who shares the same fetishes. 

A good company for partying together can also be gathered with its help. You know, the adult events where people do weird stuff. I like FetLife for that, it sets no boundaries at all”. 

FetLife app GitHub

GitHub is the place to download the app file from, and to install it on one’s device. There’s also a development info, latest updates commented, and kinky hookup advice. 

There are strong and weak sides, dos and don’ts of using FetLife this way. They’re listed on the GitHub page and are to take into the consideration. Basic requirements are there as well. 

Top popular features, used by members 

Activity Feed 92%
Private Chats 100%
Group Chats 78%
Private uploads 95%
Kinky Maps 91%

Kinksters helping kinksters, that is one of the main mottos. It means, the developers, admins, and the rest of team are fun pervs too who hate boredom in a bed. It’s a fetish friendly environment. 

As GitHub says, FetLife app is just the best solution for non-vanilla singles and couples who’ve got their kinky secret preferences. It’s a worldwide community that is still to grow bigger. 

FetLife iOs 

Just a short time ago, FetLife for Apple was absent. Only Android users were privileged. Of course it couldn’t remain like this, in the age of newest Apple technologies. So here it comes, the iOs app. 

  1. SFW mode for pre-blurring the profile pics.
  2. Only for iOs 9.0 version or higher.
  3. Notifications can be on and off. 
  4. Users’ profile summary displayed. 
  5. Flexible conversations operating. 

Since BDSM and other kinky niches are more typical for urban areas, most interested singles have iPhones. So, the number of members quickly overtook the Android version and reached 10+ mln. 

Again, the app isn’t installed in a usual way. Instead, one should connect his iPhone to the computer and choose it from the list of devices in the menu. The phone version will be downloaded and set up.  

FetLife Android 

There are certain nuances about FetLife Android one should know. The complete tutorial is given on GitHub. First, it is released under the license so one shouldn’t worry about the quality. 

Second, one has several ways of contacting the team in case anything goes wrong. He can either write to caretakers or support at fetlife com. There is also a support button within the app. 

“FetLife Android is awesome, I can used it from my secret cheap phone then”, David from NYC says. “My wife would never know. It’s very effective both for virtual sex and for the real thing. 

Get ready for a date
Dating on Fetlife

Most female users would invite you somewhere private. Think twice is there are other participants, can be too much for a first time. People are way too open-minded and would play all night”. 

“I prefer FetLife Android over the iOs app”, Christina from Tampa says. “As a kinky escort worker, I value the reliability of connections and Android version has been launched much earlier. 

It means, it’s better tested and has old-time members checked by time. I easily arrange as many BDSM meetings a day I want, and manage to earn pretty well thanks to my most loved FetLife”. 

Sites like FetLife

There are only few sites like FetLife since it’s focused on fetishes and fun perversions. But it’s easy to find them in the BDSM hookup section. Let’s compare these best sites popularity and rating.

The percent of positive reviews 

  • Fetster – 83% 
  • Ashley Madison – 65%
  • Fetish com – 71%
  • Bondage com – 76%
  • FetLife – 92%

It is obvious that FetLife is the highest rated among all, although not one hundred percent. It has its pros and cons, but mostly successfully unites kinky singles and couples for spicy hookups.

The reviews include the easiness of contact, quality of members, variety of features, and other factors. In general, users are happy about FetLife and kinky sex opportunities it offers.

FetLife dating

Is regular dating possible on FetLife, the newcomers ask? Stable dating yes, a kinky friendship with benefits also yes. But no for vanilla relationships that simply aren’t for this platform. 

Fetlife Beautiful woman
Beautiful woman

From one’s first glance at the main page, layout, and overall design of FetLife app or site, he understands it’s too special for common singles. Dominant personals are more than welcomed there. 

  1. Latex attributes. Costumes, underwear, helmets, all items made from latex are loved. 
  2. Kinktionary. Many of these niche words other people do not know even. Their loss! 
  3. Spanking tools. All kinds of whips, ropes, and collars are promoted by members. 
  4. Red and black. It can surely be romantic, but FetLife inspires to be dark and wild. 
  5. 60 fetishes. These are hotter than 50 shades of grey, and not seen in vanilla couples. 

For the reasons above, kinksters adore joining FetLife and hanging out together. If both partners like switching roles, bondage, and soft loving tortures, then why not to date via FetLife app. 

FetLife login

Logging in is super easy on FetLife. This page welcomes the members with the words, Welcome home, we have missed you much. One just enters his nickname or email, and a password. 

No double identification or phone verification is needed for entering. Users have mixed opinions about that. Maybe it isn’t too protective but very quick and convenient, indeed. 

Users’ choice for login 

Smth close to real name 27%
Fav fetish or sexy word 46%
Pet name 8%
Anything anonymous12%
Neutral words 7%

Despite the anonymity purpose, many users choose to log in under their real name or close to it. While a double fewer quantity prefers secretive names. It’s wise enough to indicate one’s sexy preference. 

Among millions of members in various countries in the West, it’s equally typical to use playful nicknames on FetLife app. Experts say, it does shorten the process of search and brings results. 

What is FetLife

Today, adult dating sites and kinky communities are used way more frequently than vanilla sites. FetLife is one of those naughty sources for sex positive singles and couples worldwide. 

It isn’t escort focused or adultery focused only. All single adults, open-minded couples, and kinky gangs, can join for fun and themed events organization. Announcements in group chats are encouraged. 

“FetLife means the world to me, I was so lonely before with my special wants”, Jackie from Miami says. “Finally I have a fetish friendly environment where we understand each other fully. 

Date on Fetlife
Thinking about a date

I’d find there a boyfriend if I wanted to, no doubts. For now, just kinky one night stands, partying together, and BDSM escort ordering. I’m fine with my free lifestyle, and many are”. 

“I am on FetLife for years, all my friends are from there”, Pieter from LA says. “There are plenty of BDSM apps in the market now, but we really prefer this one as it’s comfy and populous. 

Whenever you need a unicorn, a gorgeous dominatrix, or a shemale, they’re all on FetLife. Didn’t see such a variety on analogue sites, so I’d recommend it to all kinksters”. 

How to delete FetLife

There are many options for the account data removal if someone isn’t satisfied with FetLife or just wants to quit. First, any photo or a piece of info can be deleted any time. 

Second, one can go to the profile settings and either deactivate it temporarily or delete permanently. No extra actions needed, and one can be sure his data won’t be stored for wrong reasons. 

Is FetLife safe

FetLife is one of the modern encrypted sites, so there’s no technical danger or leak. Even if put to the affiliate sites and servers, the user’s data is removed regularly and especially if he is deactivated. 

Social NetworksPrecent of safety

There’s no bigger amount of scam or fraud on FetLife than anywhere online. On a contrary, users report no one ever bothered them and all commercial services have been clear from the start. 

How to save pictures from FetLife

FetLife is a protected site. One cannot download others’ photos from it directly, but screenshots can be made. It’s usually enough for re-using and enjoying them out of the app. 

Aside from that, there are techniques and software specially for downloading images from protected sources. Search for them and there are pretty detailed tutorials for you. 

How to meet people on FetLife

There’s nothing easier than meeting new folks on FetLife. No typical matching process takes place, neither the search filters. One rather dives into the gallery and contacts anyone he finds intriguing. 

Fetlife couple
Fetlife dating works

It’s also common that people go private after seeing each other in a group chat. Such a way guarantees they have same interests and kinky preferences, which greatly simplifies getting laid. 

How to sign up for FetLife without a phone number

Do not worry, no phone number is needed for FetLife. It is understood the app is secretive for many users, and some conspirancy wouldn’t hurt. Only your email address is needed. 

But even it can be replaced with the nickname. Plus, one can create a non-personalized one for special purposes. In any case, no one will bother you regarding the phone number or private info.