The FetLife Android App

FetLife app

The FetLife Android App

As the name suggests, FetLife app is specifically designed for those looking to explore kinky dating online. It is an innovative new way to find like-minded individuals who share similar interests. It is designed for all fetishes and all personalities. Whether you’re interested in exploring your fetish with amorous cross dressing men or women, exploring threesome dating with three people or just simply exploring your sexual identity, FetLife could be right for you.

FetLife is basically a free social network meant to connect and kinky discuss aspects of fetishes. Its homepage states that it is “designed for people interested in BDSM ( bondage and domination) and other fetish lifestyles.” On the homepage, FetLife explains itself as “like Facebook, but run by real kinky people like yourself.” The word “fet” in the title is an obvious reference to “fetishes”. It may come as a bit of a shock to learn that there is an app for sharing profiles on FetLife and discovering others are the same interest as you are. However, it is not a surprise at all.

In order to use the FetLife app, you will need to have access to your own computer and an internet connection. You will then log into your account at any of the available web browser options. From there, you can search, post messages, create groups, manage your profile, and send messages and add friends all with the touch of a button. Using the app Github you can forklift any existing project, whether it be for Android or HTML. This makes it easy to experiment and customize your app without having to develop from scratch.

You may be wondering how someone can join groups on FetLife when they have chosen not to use the Android Market. Many people prefer to be self-employed or at least work from home so the ability to use mobile apps for their business is essential. Since FetLife allows you to keep a profile on the web, it is just as easy for someone who is married or has business interests to connect with others who are also married or have other business interests. If you have an android phone, you will love being able to access and use this awesome FetLife app.

In addition to the amazing features this android app offers, many are impressed by the fact that it is completely free to download and use. There are no ads, banners, or in app purchases necessary to get started. The only cost is that of the FetLife membership fee. The good news is, the FetLife app can be transferred to your new mobile device with ease.

FetLife may just be the next big thing when it comes to dating online and using mobile devices. As you can see from the demo of the FetLife app, it is simple and easy to use. There are so many things to learn and practice with this new android app. Whether you are interested in swinger couples, crossdressing men and women, threesomes, fetishes, leather, or someone of a any other fetishes, there is a great app for you.