Fetlife Couples

In the past three years, Fetlife has been one of the most popular online dating sites in China. While other Chinese dating app providers saw a decline in their revenues year on year, Fetlife saw an increase in its monthly user figures and an increase in the number of registered users, resulting in a meteoric rise in its revenue and popularity in China. But what is it about this Chinese-founded dating app that has caused such a stir? There are quite a few reasons that have been cited as being behind its meteoric rise in popularity and its success in China, but below are some other factors that experts believe are responsible for its success.

1. Kenneth Stiles with Phyllis Turnbull

2. Charles Turner with Brenda Hardy

3. Jerome Rosin with Megan Archer

4. Chad Fulcher with Maggie Smock

5. Samuel Marrufo with Shannon Ewing

6. Robert Apperson with Stephanie McDaniel

7. Jonathan Finn with Gertrude Warren

8. Michael Larosa with Jennifer Bragdon

9. Vince Alves with Darlene Clark

10. Richard Hall with Sherri Foster